Highgate School, founded 1565 by Chief Justice Sir Roger Cholmeley; alumni are called Old Cholmeleians. Two other founders were Bishops of London, who donated land from their Park. The block on the left of the main Quadrangle is by C.P.Leach (1898-99). The quaint gate and bell tower is probably the oldest part of the school. The 1867 Big School, now a library, and the Chapel, built 1865 on the site of a Tudor chapel demolished in 1833, are by Frederick Pepys Cockerell. In 1916 T.S. Eliot was a teacher and John Betjeman one of his pupils. Excavations on the site of the Charter Block in 2014 found remains of the kilns producing bricks for the original 1570s buildings. The wrought iron gates in North Road are a war memorial.